Hi, I’m Hasu, Strategy Lead at Flashbots & Strategic Advisor to Lido.

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(in chronological order)

2022 - today: Strategic advisor to 🏝️Lido, the leading protocol for liquid staking

2022: Contributing to MakerDAO as a delegate. You can learn more about my delegate platform here.

2021 - today: Leading Strategy at ⚡🤖 Flashbots, an org dedicated to protecting public blockchain users from the harmful effects of MEV. If you’d like to work with me at Flashbots, we’re hiring!

2021 - today: Research collaborator at Paradigm, a San Francisco-based investment firm

2020 - 2022: Hosting the Uncommon Core Podcast together with Su Zhu

2019 - 2021: Cofounded Deribit Insights, one of the premier research blogs in crypto

At the moment, I divide my time about 80% in Flashbots, 10% in Lido, and 10% in startup investing.

Research & Education

After discovering crypto in 2018, I spent my first years learning & educating others over articles, Twitter, and podcast. For a selection + summaries of my accumulated research, see here:

Selected writing and research


I invest in the public as well as private crypto market, where I support new projects as an angel partner & co-builder. Read about my investing principles & selected investments here: