My values as an angel investor

  • I only back projects with deeply sound fundamentals; the intellectual rigor to ignore the unhealthy trends of the crypto market; and the grit and staying power to be in this for the long term.
  • As a result of these tights requirements, I make few but high-conviction bets.
  • I support founders actively with my strategic advice & large network.

If you want to talk, you can reach me on Twitter or at hasu@uncommoncore.co.

Selected Investments

  • Ethereum: the leading smart-contract platform, largest liquidity and network effect
  • Lido: leading decentralized staking pool and issuer of stETH, the liquid staking token
  • Maker: decentralized credit facility that issues the stablecoin DAI
  • Osmosis: first IBC-based cross-chain exchange, pioneer in MEV protection
  • Cowswap: bringing frequent batch auctions to Defi
  • Starkware: creator of StarkEx and StarkNet, the ZK-based scaling solutions
  • Argent: smart-contract wallet with social recovery